Autumn COVID and Flu vaccinations update

Dear Patients We would like to keep you informed about the upcoming Autumn Flu and COVID Vaccination Programmes. We understand how crucial it is for our community to receive these vaccines, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. Every year there is a huge logistical effort made by the Practice

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Pharmacy change of ownership

Dear Patients

For your information, the onsite pharmacy within St. Paul’s Surgery has recently changed ownership from Lloyds Pharmacy Group to the SRL Group Ltd.

For those of you who have selected this pharmacy as your nominated Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) collection point, nothing will change. Please continue to order your prescriptions in your usual manner, preferably via the NHS App.

New signage will be installed shortly. The SRL Group has chosen to operate under the name ‘St. Paul’s Pharmacy Winchester’ for this branch. We want to emphasize that this choice of name by the SRL Group is solely due to our shared physical location and does not imply any affiliation with St. Paul’s Surgery. Please note that we have no organisational affiliation with ‘St. Paul’s Pharmacy Winchester’.

Any inquiries, compliments, or complaints regarding the pharmacy should be directed to them.

Due to ongoing construction work in the surgery building, the pharmacy has been temporarily relocated within our surgery waiting room. Rest assured, the pharmacy is still open for business.