Autumn COVID and Flu vaccinations update

Dear Patients We would like to keep you informed about the upcoming Autumn Flu and COVID Vaccination Programmes. We understand how crucial it is for our community to receive these vaccines, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. Every year there is a huge logistical effort made by the Practice

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Hospital waiting times are outside of our control

Dear Patients,

We have noticed an increasing number of patients requesting GP letters to expedite appointments due to extended waiting times at hospitals.

We understand the frustration caused by waiting times for outpatient appointments. This is outside of our control and is the making of a struggling NHS with an imbalance of demand and capacity (workforce).

However, it’s important to note that seeking an expedite letter solely based on wait time does not align with best practice. We kindly urge you not to request a letter for this reason.

If you believe your symptoms have evolved and require a more urgent outpatient appointment, you can inform us of this by completing an admin online consultation here We will feed this new information into the hospital department on your behalf for their further triage.

Please provide details about the changes in your symptoms or clarify why you now perceive a more urgent referral as necessary. Please remember that the decision to change the level of urgency lies with the hospital team, not the GPs.

Our commitment to providing the best and most comprehensive care to our patient population remains steadfast.

Prioritising individuals experiencing a material change in symptoms ensures timely care for those in need of more urgent outpatient appointments.

If your query relates to cancelling, booking or chasing appointments please go direct to the provider as we are unable to help you with these requests.

Thank you for your understanding.

St Pauls Surgery