Autumn COVID and Flu vaccinations update

Dear Patients We would like to keep you informed about the upcoming Autumn Flu and COVID Vaccination Programmes. We understand how crucial it is for our community to receive these vaccines, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. Every year there is a huge logistical effort made by the Practice

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Steroid Emergency Card

If you have been identified as someone who needs to carry a Steroid Emergency Card then please follow the below link for more information about the requirements and ways to obtain one.

If the information above does not provide all the answers you are looking for, please check out our inhouse developed Patient Information Leaflets below. Any further questions you may have, please contact the practice and ask to speak to our pharmacy team.

Sick day rule leaflet for non-oral steroid treatment

Sick day rule leaflet for short course of steroid treatment

Sick day rule leaflet for regular long-term oral steroid treatment

Sick day rule leaflet for steroids stopped 12 months ago