Front of house staff crisis

Dear Patients, We would like to bring to your attention that we are currently facing a workforce crisis within our Patient Navigation (Reception) team. We have two members of staff on long-term sickness leave and two who have recently resigned. This represents a 40% loss of capacity within the team. We immediately began the recruitment

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Minor Surgery/Joint Injections

Certain small surgical operations can be performed at the surgery. With minor surgery the recovery time is usually short and you will be back to your usual activities fairly quickly (depending on your procedure).

Before attending for minor surgery you will need to see a doctor for the diagnosis and then you will be given an appointment to attend for your procedure.

Please note we do not offer minor surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Injections DiagnosisProcedure
Rotator CuffShoulder Injection
Frozen ShoulderShoulder Injection
Adhesive CapsulitisShoulder Injection
Subacromial BursitisShoulder Injection
Trochanteric BursitisHip Injection
Olecranon BursitisElbow Injection
Knee BursitisKnee Injection
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Acute Monoarthritis
Joint Injections
Plantar FascitisHeel Injection
Tennis Elbow/golfers elbow
Lateral/medial epicondylitis
Elbow Injection
Trigger FingerFinger Injection
Carpel TunnelWrist Injection
De QuervainsThumb Injection
Achilles TendonitisInjection
Keloid ScarsInjection
Knee EffusionAspiration/+Injection