Front of house staff crisis

Dear Patients, We would like to bring to your attention that we are currently facing a workforce crisis within our Patient Navigation (Reception) team. We have two members of staff on long-term sickness leave and two who have recently resigned. This represents a 40% loss of capacity within the team. We immediately began the recruitment

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Changes to our Repeat Prescription ordering process

It is likely unbeknown to you, but the way in which you request your repeat prescriptions has significant implications on our workforce, the turnaround speed of your request and in some cases, risks exposing your request to the potential for human error.

To try and run the system as safely and effectively as possible, we are reducing the number of ways in which patients can now request their repeat prescriptions. This will now be limited to:

  • The NHS App (accessible with Mobile or Desktop computer access) / Patient Access online. Our preferred method
  • Alternatively, please attend the Practice and complete an over counter paper form / use the post-box

Requests via the NHS App or Patient Access online now go electronically directly to your named GP and are signed off promptly (max 3 working days) whereas over the counter paper forms (and all other previous methods used) require our Receptionists to then manually input your request into the clinical system which causes delays, creates a degree of unnecessary workload and risks the possibility of human error.

When requesting via the NHSApp please refrain from writing generic comments in the box such as ‘prescription order’ or ‘n/a’ – as this again slows down the process. There is no requirement to add a message, please only use this comment box if you are letting us know important information relating to your medication request.

For your information, please be aware, we will be removing our website repeat prescription ordering form on 10/06/2024. If you do not have the NHSApp, act now in setting this up.

We ask that where possible, you refrain from requesting repeat prescriptions via a local Pharmacy otherwise, this can cause delays in your requests getting to us and again this resorts in manual entry and possible human error our end.

Note we do not take prescription requests over the phone, via email or accuRx. Any requests trying to come in via these routes will be politely declined and pushed back.

We are making these changes, not to be difficult but in order to:

  • Improve clinical safety
  • Improve turnaround times (from request to medication being dispensed)
  • To free up SPS Receptionist time so that we can redirect saved hours into answering our phones more quickly
  • To keep up with digital healthcare technologies.

FAQs here: NHS App and your NHS account – NHS (

  • You can not sign up to the NHSApp unless you have a mobile number
  • You can’t order repeat medication any earlier than 2 weeks before it is due

The NHS App now has so much to offer. If you don’t already have access please register now

  • Find your personal NHS Number
  • NHS symptom checker
  • Order your repeat prescriptions, check if they have been approved and sent to the Pharmacy
  • View your consultations online
  • View your immunisation history
  • View your medical problem history
  • View your allergies
  • View and download your sick notes  
  • Change your nominated Pharmacy for prescription pickups
  • Book certain appointments
  • Look up hospital waiting times

It is possible for a nominated relative to have access to your NHS account (e.g for children or elderly patients) to make requests on your behalf as long as they are patients of the Surgery too.

If you are in need of assistance with the NHS App then please let us know by completing the below form. We will be in touch within 5 working days or alternatively drop into our support training sessions on Wednesdays and Friday 13:00 – 14:00

NHS App Issues V2
Please use format day/month/year e.g. 12/05/1979
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Privacy Policy

This form collects your name, date of birth, email, other personal information and medical details. This is to confirm you are registered with the practice, to allow the practice team to contact you and also to update your medical records held by the practice and our partners in the NHS. Please read our Privacy Policy to discover how we protect and manage your submitted data.