Front of house staff crisis

Dear Patients, We would like to bring to your attention that we are currently facing a workforce crisis within our Patient Navigation (Reception) team. We have two members of staff on long-term sickness leave and two who have recently resigned. This represents a 40% loss of capacity within the team. We immediately began the recruitment

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FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Is your receptionist clinically trained to ask me questions?

They are not clinically trained although work from GP approved algorithms which allow them to seek the most appropriate clinician for your medical problem. This may be the duty doctor, your usual GP, a specialist GP, nurse or HCA. Please provide a short description of your problem to help us direct your query to the most appropriate person. Our GPs have mandated that our Patient Navigators (Receprtionists) ask these questions on every call. Our Patient Navigators have been fully trained to NHS England Care Navigation standards.  

How can I reorder my repeat medications

Our preferred option is for you to submit via our online clinical system software called Patient Access, a link can be found on our website. Failing this we have a website form, prescription forms within the surgery or accept written, posted or faxed requests. Please note we are unable to take requests over the telephone. Please allow 48 hours if you’re picking up your prescription from our reception desk or 72 hours if from a Pharmacy.

Why has my prescription been sent to a Pharmacy?

If you select a pharmacy for your prescriptions to be sent directly to for your convenience then this will stay the default case for every prescription going forward until you notify us otherwise.

Can I remain registered if I move outside of the practice catchment area?

Unfortunately not as we would be unable to contractually fulfil all our NHS GMS service requirements. As a practice we did not sign up to the new out of area service as we strongly believe it’s not in the best interest of our currently registered patients. We encourage you to find a new GP soon after you move as we are required to automatically de-register you one month after notification of a move outside the area. We recommend using NHS Choices to find your new surgery.

Why do you not issue a fit note free within the first 7 days?

The NHS does not provide fit notes (sick note) within the first 7 days as you are able to self certify during this time for your absence. Should you require a fit note for any reason within the first 7 days then this is a private service charged at £15.00.

How will I be informed of my test results?

Due to the fact that we receive a large number of test results each day, we are not able to contact everyone individually about their results.  We request that you telephone the surgery 7 days after a test to obtain the result and be informed whether any action is needed.  The GP will look at the result and add a comment if they need to see or speak to you following your investigation. If your results come back significantly abnormal or need more urgent action then a GP (typically your usual GP) may contact you sooner, but please do not necessarily assume that no action is needed if you do not hear from us. When you call, our receptionists will be able to pass on the comment made by your GP and arrange either a telephone consultation or appointment if required, but please do not ask them to interpret the results as they are not clinically trained.

What does Usual GP mean?

All patients are attached to a registered GP also known as the usual GP. This GP is responsible for your health and wellbeing whilst registered at the practice. Although you are able to see other GPs within the practice for convenience, your overall care is coordinated by your usual GP and we feel that this continuity of care is important.  As well as helping you build a relationship with someone who knows you, it also maximises the effectiveness of any appointments as less time is required going back over historic notes and you receive a consistent treatment approach.

If I arrive late for my appointment will I still be seen?

You will be seen if you arrive within 10 minutes of your allotted time. After this you will have missed your allocated appointment and will be asked to rebook. Please try to arrive on time.

Why can’t you tell me ….about my family member?

Please be aware patients aged 16 years and over have the right to privacy regarding their medical record and unless we receive signed consent by the patient to allow someone else to view and discuss their record we cannot share any information with you. There may also be times when clinicians use Fraser competency judgements to provide confidentiality for patients under the age of 16 years should the patient ask us not to share information.